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Since 2003, 万博体育app官方入口  is the leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic converting machines like  Rotogravure Printing Machine , Flexographic Printing Machine, Lamination Machine, Slitter Rewinding Machine , Pouch Making Machine and different types of  Plastic Bag Making Machine . At AIM, manufacturing is a passion. This passion has driven us to set up world-class manufacturing facilities with extreme operational efficiencies in record times. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation for flawless project execution and management. ... Manufacturing divisions of Aim not only create thousands of jobs for skilled workforce, but also train unskilled workers, helping create a strong talent pool. Every product we create with the 'Made in India' tag is a source of great honour and pride. About Us - Aimflex

Aim Integration manufacture is uniquely feat designed to maximise value addition. This highly complex project was both an engineering and execution challenge and has been started in flawless manner in record time. We yield to have an absolute control over every component that is used in our machines. We have a slew of Designing machines and our facility is governed by ERP and we follow a paperless system for transfer of production data.

Located in the business friendly state of Gujarat, we have exported our machines globally.

Aim Believe that our customers are a strong testimony to the rigidity, accuracy and reliability of our machines.

Perfect Quality Package – Aim never compromise in any level of quality with testing on every material and in house process. Aim of the AIM is to have Perfect package of Quality.

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