Solvent less Laminating Machine is a product researched and developed by our company combined with the gradually matured solvent-free laminating technology. It’s based on the characteristics of the solvent-free laminating process itself. In order to solve such key problems, many targeted innovations have been carried out in our machine including the mechanical structure, control methods, safety protection and appearance design. It is suitable for high-speed lamination of different types of films, paper and aluminium foils. It has the advantages of high efficiency, good performance and solvent residue-free.

To manufacture flexible packaging in the most sustainable manner possible, one can utilize solvent-free adhesive lamination technology, also known as solvent less lamination. The laminating adhesive used in this process is two-component polyurethane. These two components must be mixed together in the appropriate way to form a useful adhesive that will bond the material layers to each other, forming a flexible packaging substrate.

Standard Technical Specification

Range of Width 1000/ 1300(in mm)
Range of Line Speed(MPM) 500
Maximum Laminating Width 1050/ 1350(in mm)
Minimum Film Width 400/ 800
Web Tension Range 20-400 N
Unwinder & Rewinder
Maximum Reel diameter 1000
Maximum Reel weight 800 Kgs
Core Diameter Unwinder 3” (76mm) & 6” (152mm)

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Flexible packaging film is mainly applicable to consumable goods that need an extended shelf-life. This means that solventless adhesive flexible packaging film is suitable for products like the following.

  • Ready-to-eat foods
  • Frozen goods
  • Fresh Produce
  • Boil-in-bag pouches

They’re also ideal for packaging non-food items, like medical supplies, stationery, and cosmetics as well.Because of constant development and research, today’s adhesives offer many benefits to product manufacturers along with increasing customer satisfaction and keeping the environment safe from harmful VOCs.

With the Finished good like Namkeen Pouch, Rice Bags, Aluminium Pouch, Cement bag, Non woven rolls, PVC Shrink Labels, sack film, Cereal packaging, Courier bags / security bags, Surface protection film, Compression packaging pouch and Laminated Pouch Packaging film Products

Machine Layout

Salient Features

Servo based closed loop controller for web handling by using latest generation of electronic. Entire machine operation is controlled and supervises by high performance motion control having its own intelligent software.

Master operator control panel consists of touch screen operating interface facilities ease in operation. Safety of operator, machine and electronic modules are achieved with the help of necessary hardware protection and intelligent routines.

  • Facilitated with Web guiding system
  • Adjustment of 3” and 6” core for shaft-less on unwind and rewind
  • Sleeve chuck is provided in shafted unwinder
  • Gear shafted is also available
  • Heavy duty shaft less unwinder / rewind manufactured to accept high weight reels
  • Unwinder web handling control using the latest generation AC servo technology
  • System mainly composed of AC servo motor and drive, pneumatically loaded low friction dancing roller assembly ad load cell for tension feed-back and actual tension display
  • Electro-electric Edge guiding system equipped with ultrasonic edge sensor
  • The unwind and rewind arms move on high precision linear bushing and supported on ground chrome-plated steel bars
  • Distinctively designs and precisely machined, strong and study, steel frame structure, with stiffening tie-rods; maintains accuracy over long dependable life and ensures less vibration even with optimum line speed. The structure enhances illumination of the working area
  • The mechanical construction of each component, which undergoes tests, ensures optimum performance and long term equipment life
  • The cylinder includes an innovation floating system which, by means of a touch-screen, allows the operator to set and modify the adhesive quantity easily. The system facilates cleaning operation easier
  • Specially designed, dynamically low friction-low inertia idle rollers made of aluminium ally mounted on-low friction bearing, enhance rotational smoothness
  • Metallurgy, shaft end, internal boring of the aluminium pipe is done, computerized dynamically balancing, bearing with self lubricate and temp resist grease
  • Lamination machine for the production of two-layer lamination with solvent less adhesive
  • Patented solvent less coating unit
  • Shaftless unwinds and rewind quick job changeover
  • Motors controlled by verctorial drives and tension control made by dancing rollers
  • Mechanical adapters for any type of mixing units available on the market and pneumatic control for adhesive claiming
  • Adhesive applicator zone comprises multi roller transfer system, (1) R1 and (2) R2 Toller are Metering Roller.(3) R3 Transfer Rubber Roller (4) is Applicator Roller and (5) R5 is Rubber covered Pressure Roller, through the high precision machining and high quality engineering coating across the width of the web
    • R1 & R2 Rollers : Specially designed, jacketed type, high precision grounded chrome-plated steel rollers, heating through water/oilto a maximum temperature of 80 C. A micro-metric device used to control the gap between the R1 & R2 rollers. This gap allows initial adjustment of adhesive’s amount need to transfer. The gap can be adjusted considering visocity or type of adhesive used on the machine
    • R3 Roll(metering Roll) : Metering roll is clad with vulcanized rubber and is rectified at the width of support to be lamination. R3 Roll handles the metering and transfers adhesive from R2 to R4, the applicator roll
      The R1 Roll, not driven at time of production but can be rotate manually if required.
      The R2 & R3 Rolls, driven by common AC servo motor & gear box controlled through a servo drive. The speed of the R2 & R3 is proportionate to machine speed and can be vary to control the amount ot adhesive to apply
    • R4 Roll: transfer adhesive from the roller R3, to the substrate to laminate. It is made of chrome-plated steel, jacketed type ensure uniform heating across the roller face length
    • R5 Roll: made of steel and covered with hard rubber presses the R4 roll by means of two pneumatic cylinder, so that it guarantees the total transfer of adhesive to the web
  • Reliable technical solution to make easy cleaning operations, job changeover operation and regulation
  • Reliable and powerful motors, controlled by the latest generation electric ventorial drive
  • Separate Electric Cabinet -Trouble-shooting and repairing done easily and safely, due to the separate electric cabinet(self-ventilated or conditioned on request.)
  • Equipment : Canes, expansible chicks for 3" and 6" cores, heating unit for rollers thermo-regulation, cooling calander after lamination, roller-keeper gantry and trolley transfer rollers, manual/electronic trolleys to move and lift the reels, spare part set, documentation of the machine according to the EC regulation
  • Supervision -Electronics controlled by a powerful PLC connected to a pleasant "user friendly" interface
  • Web Guide System - web guide system with transparent and non-transparent material
  • The laminator unit comprises a heated chrome-plated, ground steel roll a rider roll, coated with hard rubber & chrome plated steel back-up roller which is driven by pneumatic pistons which can be adjusted at both ends. The steel back-up roller is press against the rubber roller for a total parallelism and to avoid any rubber roller flexion
  • The laminator steel roll is driven by an independent motor synchronized with the applicator unit motor by load cells, so the tension on the web carrying the adhesive to the point of laminator can be controlled with great precision

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